“Collector” questions the nature and value of artistic endeavor. The installation explores viewpoints around art as a form of personnel expression and vehicle for ideas‚ art as product and commodity and art as an object of desire.

Installation Description: “Collector” an installation consisting of a neon sign in “cool white‚” a limited edition of 125 (plus 3 artist´s proofs) signed and numbered machine printed posters‚ platform‚ glass bowl‚ #32 black rubber bands and laser cut plastic letting. At eye level‚ a neon sign shaped in the form of the word Collector hangs on the wall. Directly beneath the sign is a short platform with a stack of posters. Each poster has the word “Collector” in a typographical fashion similar to the neon sign but done in black lettering on white paper. A small glass bowl of black rubber bands rest near the posters. Viewers are welcome to take a single poster and as many rubber bands needed to safely transport it. In the event all posters are taken‚ a laser cut of the word Collector styled in the exact typographical treatment as the posters and adhered to the top of the platform becomes visible. The laser cut will remain as a stand-in for the posters until the close of the exhibition.

Collector Example Image
Installation View

Collector Example Image
Installation Views

Collector Example Image
Installation Detail

Collector Example Image
Signature Detail

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