How could you?


“How could you?” explores myths and norms around the subject of masculinity. By creating alternative‚ more vulnerable depictions of the male body and corresponding psychological state‚ it challenges traditional representations of the male experience.

Installation Description: “How could you?” is an installation consisting of a framed photograph‚ a pair of heavily worn work boots‚ picture hanger‚ wall plaque and dust. A large-scale framed photographic portrait of a male subject 's face rests on the gallery floor. In front of the portrait is a pair of work boots. Directly above the portrait and boots is a standard picture hanger. To the right of the hanger is a conventional wall plaque with the traditional information‚ such as: artist‚ title‚ date and media. A faint but noticeable dusty outline of the frame is visible on the wall.

How could you? Example #1
Installation View

How could you? Example #2
Installation Detail

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