Untitled (Roman Holiday)

Site–specific Installation

“Untitled (Roman Holiday)” investigates the myth of celebrity. The installation explores perceptions of “exclusivity”, “cool”, “glamour” and inside/outside culture.

Installation Description: “Untitled (Roman Holiday)” is a site-specific installation consisting of white paint, drywall, studs, speakers, stereo receiver and house music. At an odd angle, a walled off space was created in a normally rectangular gallery. The space was designed, built and finished to match the gallery‚Äôs existing interior walls. The space had no obvious points of entry and no wall plaque declaring it as a work of art. Once within the gallery, viewers could hear loud but muffled music. As the viewer walked around the gallery and got closer to the space, it would be obvious the music is emanating from behind the walls. At a close distance, the music could be felt as well as heard.

Installation Simulation

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